The Greater Bridgeport Retired Teachers Association, Inc. (GBRTA) was established in 1951 for the express purpose of providing:

    • educational, cultural, and social activities for retired teachers;
    • assistance for the well-being and comfort of needy retired teachers;
    • scholarship assistance for students in the Greater Bridgeport Area; and
    • information concerning opportunities for community service.

All retired teachers who reside in or have taught in the Greater Bridgeport Area, which includes Bridgeport, Easton, Fairfield, Milford, Monroe, Shelton, Stratford and Trumbull, and who receive pensions from the State of Connecticut are eligible for membership in the organization. More than 1,100 retired teachers participate in and benefit from the organization. Meetings of the Association are held in October, November, December, April, and May.

Members are updated on legislative issues of concern by reports from representatives of GBRTA who participate in meetings of the Connecticut Teachers’ Retirement Board and who communicate with legislators on matters affecting teachers such as Pensions, Health Insurance, the Social Security Pension Offset, and Teacher Certification.

GBRTA is affiliated with the Association of Retired Teachers of Connecticut, ARTC, a state-wide organization dedicated to promoting the welfare of retired teachers.